Week Ending 18th January 2019

Please see the Headteacher blog below:

Highlight from the build this week is the beginning of flooring and plastering in some of our new internal spaces; most notably our new hall / theatre space and dining hall. All very exciting.

Chesterton Pride Community invites all students, staff and parents to join us for an Equali-Tea on Thursday 24th January. The Equali-Tea is an opportunity to speak to members of CPC and find out how you can be involved in Chesterton Community College’s LGBTQ+ network, or find out how to get support if you need it. We will also be announcing the winners of the CPC Poetry Competition! The Equali-Tea will take place in the Apex from 3:45-5:45, with the competition winners announced at 4:15. Refreshments will be provided, so please come along for a chat!

On Friday the Library launched the Chesterton Reading Challenge for 2019. This competition will run until 15th March. Pupils wishing to enter need to borrow a fiction book from the library, read it and fill out an entry form on which they are asked to rate the book and tell us a little about what they thought of it. This year the books are limited to the “Top 100 Books” lists for both Secondary and Primary Schools from the Times Education Supplement; we were lucky enough to win these books last term from Heffers. Hopefully this will encourage students to read books they may not normally choose and branch out into a whole new world of reading experiences. Each book read is one entry and students can read as many books as they like! Five winners will be drawn and will win a trip to Heffers to choose books up to the value of £20 with our Library Manager Mrs Shield. Happy Reading!

We are delighted to announce that we will be using an innovative technique to support families of Year 11 students to help them with their revision this year. Parents/carers will receive an email every day between 14th January and the start of the summer examination period. This message will include a small number of revision questions covering a range of subjects for parents to ask their child.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the email will include new questions in a variety of subjects. On Friday it will be a digest of questions from the week. On Saturday, the email will contain a digest of questions from two weeks ago, and on Sunday a digest of questions from four weeks ago.

The vast majority of these will be multiple choice questions. We would like parents/carers to ask their child these questions and then let them know whether or not they got the correct answer. If they did not answer correctly then please encourage them to review their notes on this part of the course.

We are running the programme for the following reasons:

  1. Many parents have told us that they do not know how to support their child’s revision as they struggle to ‘open the door’ to a discussion about school. We hope that the daily questions will provide a springboard for discussions.
  2. Many parents have told us that they do not have the subject expertise to support their child’s revision and therefore do not feel confident in discussing exam subjects with them. The daily revision email will provide them with questions to ask their child, along with answers and supporting resources, empowering them to become involved in their child’s revision.
  3. Research shows that the ‘little and often’ approach to revision can be particularly successful. The questions in the daily programme are short.
  4. The programme has been designed using the principles of ‘interleaving’ so that students regularly revisit different topics and themes for each of the GCSE courses. Scientific research shows that this is a very effective way of helping students with memory and recall of key facts.
  5. Academic research shows that there is a motivational impact for students when their parents/carers become actively involved in their schooling. Where parents engage in supporting their child, the child’s grades improve.

The daily email revision programme was trialled last year and has attracted attention from a number of educational analysts as well as being featured in the Chartered College of Teaching’s Journal, ‘Impact’, published this week. We are keen to collect feedback about your experiences of the programme to help us to formally evaluate its success. If you participate in the trial then we would welcome your comments about the programme – its structure, the questions, how it is working (or not!) for you and your child. Please feel free to email Dr Hutchinson at any point over the coming months to share your feedback.

Are you a teacher of Geography or Religious Studies at GCSE? If so, our Teaching School Alliance is running some events that may interest you. On 12th February, 4-6pm, we will be hosting an Ofqual Teacher Discussion Workshop for Religious Studies GCSE. Ofqual would like to invite RS teachers from across the Eastern Region to offer their perspectives on the assessment of last summer’s reformed GCSEs. This workshop is part of Ofqual’s evaluation activity to gather qualitative evidence about things that teachers feel have gone well and any areas for development. The feedback gathered at this event will contribute to Ofqual’s thinking about the effectiveness of the reform programme and to their planning for future evaluation activities. There will also be an opportunity to find out about Ofqual’s role in the development of these qualifications and how they monitor and regulate them. On 26th February, 4.30-6pm, we will be hosting a free workshop for AQA GCSE Geography teachers. This course will cover key assessment elements within GCSE Geography including a brief overview of the key outcomes from Summer 2018, the use of stimulus material in GCSE papers (their role, significance and how they can be used to support Grade 1-3 students), approaches to answering 9 mark questions (moving through the levels) and progressing student responses in fieldwork. For further details about either of these events, or to book your free place, please contact Dr Hutchinson: khutchinson@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk If you know a GCSE Geography or Religious Studies teacher who doesn’t work at Chesterton, please do pass this message onto them.

Cross country success!

Congratulations to one Chesterton family – siblings Isaac and Immy ran exceptionally well in the county schools cross country competition last weekend. The level of competition was very high, which suggests that 9th (Immy), and 12th (Isaac) were both outstanding performances.

Basketball season

The college basketball season continues to be successful, with three of the four teams remaining unbeaten, and one team winning all except for one game! Watch this space, as the teams are all likely to progress to the final of the district schools competition, within the next three weeks!

A very impressive 59 Year 9 students have taken on the exciting challenge of starting their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award this January. As part of the award participants have to develop a skill, participate in a physical activity and volunteer with a local charity or good cause. Participants are currently organising what they are going to do over the next 6 months before their training in June and the first expedition in July. If you are aware of any organisations or good causes that would benefit from our young people helping please contact Mrs Askham (DofE Manager) c/o laskham@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk

Looking ahead to the six-week May-June exam season, we have two part-time invigilator jobs available. If you would enjoy supporting Years 10 and 11 and are available to start work at 8am, please get in touch with our Exams Officer to arrange a tour and a chat (nvonschreiber@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk).

Maths problem of the week!

A cyclist rides at 5 metres per second. The wheels of his bicycle have a circumference of 125 cm. How many complete turns does each wheel make in 5 seconds?

Last week’s answers: Friday 12 July 2024, Wednesday 27 March 2019, Thursday 3 January 2019, Tuesday, 2 January 2019

A reminder that the website is currently available at http://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/

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