Week ending 19th June

  • We were delighted this week to be presented with the award for “Secondary School of the Year” by Cambridge Evening News and for Ben Wilkinson, in Year 10, to have won the award for “Secondary Student of the Year”. There is lots of information already on the website and in the Cambridge Evening News. Congratulations to everyone in our Chesterton community for making this such a great school!  You can see more photos on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ChestertonCC
  • Here at Chesterton Community College we like to go the extra mile and rather than restricting ourselves to Friday’s national ‘Empty Classroom day’ we have so far enjoyed a great Enrichment week, with Key Stage 3 students enjoying a change from their normal timetables.
  • Some news from some of the enrichment activities taking place so far, with more to follow next week………..
  • Year 7 Wales residential: early Monday morning one hundred and five Year 7 students and nine staff set off for St. David’s, Pembrokeshire, for a week of water based activities.  The students have enjoyed a range of activities including a mud run, kayaking, coasteering and surfing. Students have also been on a speed boat trip out to Ramsey Island, where they have seen seals, puffins and many different species of sea birds.  In the evenings the students have forged new problem solving and team building skills.  They have created beach art and learnt how waste that is washed ashore affects our environment.   All the students have gained confidence, made new friends and bonded with other year group students. Please look at our Facebook page for photos.
  • Cardboard Architecture Installation Project for Years 7, 8 and 9 (Monday to Wednesday): students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been developing their independent learning and problem solving skills over a three day enrichment activity.  Students have been designing and making buildings from cardboard boxes. They have been inspired by traditional and modern architecture; used their knowledge of fantasy buildings and places from their favourite children’s literature. Each day the work created has been added to a fantasy cityscape in our library. The installation will remain in place until the end of term so the whole school will be able to admire their creations. The photos, on the Facebook page, show a glimpse of the incredible structures which were created.
  • Jaguar Cars’ enrichment for Years 7 and 8 (Monday and Tuesday): students took part in the Jaguar Cars’ enrichment, on Monday and Tuesday, drawing on their Maths and Science knowledge. Students raced (and crashed) their ‘Formula 1’ cars in their attempts to outdo fellow competitors. Watch out Team Mercedes!
  • English ‘Treasure hunt’ for Years 7, 8 and 9 (Monday to Wednesday): on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Years 7 – 9 each spent a day in Cambridge city centre on a treasure hunt with college staff.  The treasure hunt saw students competing in teams to find answers to clues, spot unusual items and create ‘bonus treasure’ such as haikus, limericks and digital recordings of the team singing!  The treasure hunt took students in and out of colleges, churches, museums and from the river to the market place.  Along the way there was chance to enjoy an ice cream in the sunshine and an opportunity to enjoy the more quirky side of Cambridge such as a University Quidditch match; students and staff are now considering the Hogwarts’ sport as a new extra-curricular club!
  • Year 9 students have also visited The Cambridge Science Centre and the Sedgewick Museum and realised there is more to these museums than you might think.
  • On Thursday all students are in school. As I type Year 7 students are gaining an insight into the world of work and considering how to balance lifestyle choices within a budget. Year 8 are currently carrying out work related learning questionnaires around school. They are investigating the world of work; researching the skills people use most in their careers; the qualifications which are needed and the jobs they might love to do. Year 9 are being inspired by our guests from ‘Inside Knowledge’ and being energised to reach their full potential.
  • All this has been going on during the month of Ramadan for our Muslim students and staff. They have been able to observe the fast and pray in an allocated space set aside for them.
  • It was great to see so many parents at this week’s Parent Forum where we shared our new plans for reporting to parents. Parents were positive about the new developments which will give considerably more detail about how your child is doing and how you can support them. When we fully launch the new reporting system next year, we will share details with parents online and at information evenings.
  • At the forum parents talked about the subject information on the website. There is considerable subject information on the website which will help you support your child, as it states what students are studying and what assessments are happening. Clearly many parents weren’t aware of how best to get to this information, so we have moved the link to the headline on the front page. Please note that Tim Spencer, our new Assistant Head with responsibility for science, is updating the science page with information for parents; this will be in place by the week beginning July 13th. We hope you find this information useful.
  • Next Saturday, 27th June, a group of Chesterton Drama students will be performing at the Junction Theatre in Cambridge as part of the Fusion Festival. The event brings together local talented young performers, emerging artists and professionals to celebrate and appreciate each other’s work. The line-up is packed full of truly brilliant people working in different mediums across the entire artistic spectrum. This is an opportunity to see what young people can do with a stage, a story and some real talent. See the Junction’s website for more details. http://www.junction.co.uk/fusion-theatre-festival
  • Dr Timney will be running a taster session after school on Tuesday June 23rd for the GCSE Astronomy class that will run again next year. This is open to current Year 9s and adults from the school community. Come along at 3:10pm to S2 in the Science department if you’d like to find out more. We’ve had many parents studying previously, so if you are interested don’t hesitate to drop in and see what it’s all about.

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