Week Ending 20th July

A team of six Chesterton students took home the £100 first prize at the Swavesey Science Challenge last week. This was a two-hour, four-event matchup with 22 schools participating. Students were asked to perform a practical experiment in biology, chemistry and physics as well as a 20-question general knowledge science quiz. Our team ‘smashed’ the chemistry challenge; according to the organisers, most teams took the whole two hours on chemistry but Chesterton worked out the method straight away and completed within 15 minutes, gaining the full 20 marks! Our students worked together as a team particularly well, supporting each other through the tough spots. A huge congratulations to:

Year 7 –



Year 8 –



Year 9 –



As we prepare to send everyone off for the summer break the school that we see at the moment will look quite different in some areas in September when we return.  The builders have a huge challenge on over the summer to create four new teaching spaces, which will form a brand new Computing department in September.  As well as this a number of internal areas will be completely remodelled and refurbished when we next see them.  The new building itself will also look far more like an actual building, as staircases and walls start to take form.  It’s hard to imagine that we will be teaching inside that space within the next ten months!

Our annual rewards trip to Hunstanton took place on Wednesday, with 100 students from across the school enjoying a sunny day on the beach. The trip is our way of saying a huge well done to students for their continued hard work and dedication throughout the year. The students were randomly selected for a range of reasons including having outstanding attendance, a consistently outstanding attitude to learning across their subjects or for consistently going above and beyond.

Year 7 Culture Vultures had a spectacular tour of the Houses of Parliament (weaving their way through the protesters on Friday), followed by a river trip to look at the Tower of London. For some it was their first day in London and they were a pleasure to show around.

The summer holidays are coming! Will you go on a day trip? Are you going somewhere exciting on holiday? Could you make a trip to the park or town into an expedition? Maybe you could even have an adventure in your own back garden or at a friend’s house?

The library is launching a travel writing competition for our students to have a go at over the summer break. All students need to do is tell us about their travels, whether just a day or the whole holidays, using a minimum of 100 words (no maximum!). Writing can be illustrated with drawings, photos or postcards. Any format is acceptable and it can be totally factual or a little imagination can get involved! Prizes include some great Charley Boorman travel books and other goodies from the Geography Department.

Entries need to be submitted to Mrs Shield in the library by Friday 14th September. Have a great summer!

It just remains for me to wish everyone a restful and enjoyable summer.


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Mrs Lucy Scott