Week ending 21st November

  • It was great to welcome back our former Y11 students this week to celebrate their exam success. Many were hardly recognisable, having changed so much with their move to sixth-form. It is an opportunity for us all to reflect on their collective success and celebrate exceptional achievements in individual subject areas and in overall performance.
  • This week Drama have been organising a bid with Key Stage Arts and Kettle’s Yard for funding from the Heritage Lottery project. Our bid centres around bringing museum objects to life and making our primary feeder schools aware of the rich heritage that Kettle’s Yard has to offer. Drama is also launching ‘The Chesterton Stripe’ award which aims to recognise and celebrate the commitment that a range of our students have to the Performing Arts inside and outside of the school day.
  • The members of Community Club, our international club, have started a new project which allows both students and staff members to learn the basics of a new language delivered by our “mother tongue students”. Elisabeth Srassmitt , Alice Fredriksson, Yonhee Zang and Maia Ugarte (four of our lovely year 7 international students) have started the project with the first three lessons of Swedish, Korean and Portuguese. All those who attended, a mix of students and teachers, were enthusiastic as the lessons were carefully planned, nicely delivered and also accompanied by traditional local delicacies such as the lovely Brazilian truffles “Brigadeiro” prepared by Maia. This was great fun and we are looking forward to the next lessons of Italian, Polish, Chinese, Bengali and more.
  • The stone sculpture produced by Melissa Pierce Murray during her artist in residency at Chesterton is now fully installed. It is currently showing a digital artwork produced by the artist but we are hoping for students to start designing their own pieces of coding using ‘scratch’ to go on display. Please follow this link to go to Melissa’s blog to read more about her residency at Chesterton. http://mpmchesterton.wordpress.com/. There are also pictures on our Facebook page.
  • Over a hundred students and parents danced the night away to the tunes of four bands at the PTA Band Night. The first act was ‘The Curious Incident’ comprising four members of the English Faculty. The jazz club environment which had been created by the parents in the Farnsworth Hall, lent itself to their folk/indie sound. The next act was the Year 11 student band ‘Susan’s Extra Arm’, followed by the parent band ‘One Night Only’. The final act was ‘Sugarbeat’, which got us ALL to our feet! The Chesterton chef provided deluxe hot dogs and the PTA provided drinks and snacks, fuelling toe tapping and dancing for students, staff and parents. The next PTA meeting is next Tuesday and will be held in The Apex at 7.30pm. Please feel free to attend even if you’ve never been before. Spencer Norman, our new chef, will be talking about his vision for food at Chesterton and he may even bring some samples along.
  • Mock exams start next week for Y11. This is a very formal process to give them a real flavour of what the experience will be like in the summer. These grades will also influence predicted grades for sixth-form and so it is important that these next two weeks are taken very seriously. There have been the parent revision sessions; senior leadership revision sessions and updates to the revision website. Year 11s also now have a quite space for revision at lunchtime, which I am delighted to say they are using very effectively. We wish them luck over the next two weeks. We will also be holding a mock results’ day, so students can receive their results just as they would in the summer. The intention is to help them visualise what they would like their experience in the summer to be and motivate them for the forthcoming months.
  • Our congratulations to former Chesterton student, Kieran Wood, who is running on the world stage. He competed recently in Spain running for England in an IAAF cross country race. Apparently there was a mix up with kit which meant he had two race vests and, whilst he will keep one as a souvenir to remember his first call-up, Kieran kindly offered the second as a thank you to the PE department for starting him on this journey.

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