Week Ending 23rd November

Year 9 German exchange Schriesheim: 29 students from Year 9 have just returned from the annual German exchange near Cambridge’s twin town of Heidelberg. Students had the opportunity to improve their German and experience life in a German family and school first hand. Highlights included: a tour of the town of Heidelberg and its world famous castle; a trip to the zoo; a day trip to the picturesque cathedral city of Speyer and a morning at the Technical museum and the IMAX cinema. Students also had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Schriesheim and to ask a number of questions about local and national life. Mrs Wolf, Mrs Lang and Ms Hughes would like to thank all the Chesterton parents who are supporting this year’s exchange and of course the 29 students for their enthusiasm, their endeavours to speak German and their excellent manners throughout the week. Several members of the public mentioned they were are a credit to our school and we fully agree.


UK senior maths challenge successes. On the 6th November, nine of our year 11 students took part in the UK national Senior maths challenge. This competition is aimed at sixth form level maths students. We want to congratulate all 9 students as they all managed to achieve a gold, silver or bronze certificate. Special mention goes to Jeremy Yuan who has progressed through to the next stage of the competition.


We would also like to congratulate Julia Volovich, Year 8, who took part in the UK Mathematical Olympiad for Girls earlier this term. She was awarded with a distinction, which is an excellent achievement!

More UKMT maths challenges will be happening throughout the year and we are looking forward to hearing more great things.



Tickets can be reserved for ‘WHAT YOU WILL’ as of Monday 27th November 2018. This production of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy (otherwise known as ‘Twelfth Night’), famous for its “opal-like blend of laughter and sadness” (Michael Billington), is reimagined in the summer of love of the late 1960s, where flares replace stockings, puritanism is embodied by Mary Whitehouse and the Beatles are juxtaposed with the Bard himself! It is appropriate for all secondary school students and the community aged 12 plus, though please be aware that instances of violence and references to sex are undoubtedly part of Shakespeare’s text, albeit in jest! The production is being performed by 20 GCSE Drama students in Year 10 and includes live music and physical theatre. It will take place in Chesterton’s Drama Studio on Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 7.30pm. The production lasts approximately 90 minutes without interval and there are only 60 seats available for each performance. To reserve tickets, please email smarston@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk, stating which performance you would like to see and how many seats you would like for adults/under 16s. Tickets cost £6 or £4 (under 16s) and you will be expected to bring the ticket fee on the night in cash. You will receive an email confirmation if your ticket request has been successful. The drama department is working very hard alongside the student actors to make this a truly uplifting theatrical experience and the perfect Christmas gift! Hope to see you there…


Chesterton Community College is very proud to announce the launch of its first LGBTQ+ network, named by students of the society as “Chesterton Pride Community”. The group is entirely student led and will aim to tackle important issues such as HMT (Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic) bullying, raising awareness throughout the school community about identity and equality. CPC also provides an important safe space where students can come and be themselves, engage in topical discussions, meet like-minded people and have their voice heard. CPC welcomes all students and encourages the support of allies, friends, staff and parents. We will soon be launching an LGBTQ+ poetry competition and the winners will be announced at an EqualiTea in January before the launch of LGBT History Month in February. Watch this space!

For more information about CPC, please drop in to B13 on Fridays or email Miss Martinelli, Miss Cope or Mrs Welch.


Maths problem of the week!


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

1 peck = 1/4 bushel and

1 bushel = 1/9 barrel.

How many more pecks must Peter Piper pick to fill a barrel?


Last week’s answer was: 401


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