Week Ending 26th January

  • We were delighted this week to have confirmed in the secondary school league tables that Chesterton Community College is one of the very highest performing schools in the whole country.  The progress students make at Chesterton places them in the top 0.3% of all schools in the UK (14th out of over 6000 schools).  The league tables also show Chesterton Community College have the highest number of students achieving both good and standard passes in the whole of Cambridgeshire with 92% of students gaining a pass in both English and Maths this year.


  • On Wednesday 28th February we will be holding a “Celebration of Reading” in the Library from 7-8pm with a short break for refreshments. Students are encouraged to join in and read a short excerpt from their favourite novel or short story or maybe even their own poem or song, anything will be considered! Interested students should pop into the Library and have a chat to Mrs Shield. It should be a lovely evening, so save the date and look out for more details to follow!


  • GCSE Drama students will be taking their practical performance examinations on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February. This involves each student performing two extracts from a published play, written pre-2000. The students are currently working very hard to present material of the highest quality, which shows their talents and the plays in the best light. It is part of the exam regulations that they perform to an audience, so Ms Marston hopes that family and friends will wish to come and support the exam performances at the following times:

Thursday 8th February:

6pm – 5 extracts from Hamlet by Shakespeare involving 5 students

6.45pm – 2 extracts from Othello by Shakespeare involving 2 students

7.05pm – 3 extracts from Arcadia by Stoppard involving 3 students

7.35pm – 3 extracts from Blood Wedding by Lorca involving 4 students

Friday 9th February:

7pm – 5 extracts from Top Girls by Churchill involving 7 students

7.50pm – 4 extracts from Miss Julie by Strindberg involving 3 students

8.20pm – 4 extracts from Crave by Kane involving 5 students


  • All performances will take place in the drama studio and it will be possible to leave the space in short breaks between the different plays. It is vital, however, that you email nvonschreiber@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk in advance of the exam if you wish to attend, so that we can reserve a seat for you, and ensure the examination runs smoothly and professionally. In your email, please state which evening you wish to attend and how many seats you require, and if you do not intend to watch all of the plays that night, please indicate which one you want to see. Seats are strictly limited to 60 per performance, and a confirmation email will be sent if you have been successful in reserving them. No one will be admitted during the performance and mobile phones must be switched off at all times.


  • We wish the students the very best of luck as they intensively prepare for these demanding performances and hope that their weekend retreat in Burwell House from 2 – 4th February proves inspiring in this respect! There are some exceptionally strong actors amongst the cohort of 29; each one of the students promises to bring individuality, clear intent and genuine passion to their role. Those who are able to see the extracts are in for a literary and theatrical treat!


  • Artist in residence Kate Kelly has been teaching a small group of Year 11 art students how to use oil paints. They are producing work in oils that will go towards their GCSE exam project and we hope to hold a small exhibition of work at the end of the five week course.


  • It is the time of year when we think about the final few months of our Year 11 students. Year 11 Leavers’ Hoodies have been advertised to Year 11 students along with a letter to parents with how to order on Parentmail; there are a selection of samples available to view at break and lunchtimes for students to select the appropriate size. All the details are in the letter and on daily notices for students. The deadline for ordering is Friday 9th February.


  • We will be holding our first Non Uniform day of 2018 on Friday 9th February. Proceeds from this will be donated to the four House Charities: NSPCC, EACH, Teenage Cancer Care Trust and British Red Cross.


  • This term, the house council have met to discuss the extra-curricular offer at Chesterton. All forms have had the opportunity to discuss the range of clubs on offer; what they would like to see more of and any other changes they feel they might benefit from. Miss Evans is collating responses ready for two house council representatives to visit the senior leadership team for a feedback session next week.


  • In celebration of our students’ creativity Miss Bigglestone would like to share with you a poem written by Thomas Neil in Year 10. As I am sure you know, the demanding GCSE English curriculum means that there is no requirement for students to write their own poetry, despite the expectation that they will be analytically familiar with an anthology. Year 10 students have recently explored ‘A Poison Tree’ by William Blake, ‘Envy’ by Mary Lamb and ‘The Man He Killed’ by Thomas Hardy and Miss Bigglestone can pick up echoes of their work in Thomas’ offering here:


The dead of the woods

A dead man rising from under the pine,
No longer has all that spare time.
A dead man rising out from the far grave,
Is known about and will not behave;

A dead woman degrading beside a rose petal tree,
Was once someone of great pose and modesty;
A dead woman clawing at the dead wood floor,
Her children forgot and lost forever more

A tale of sorrow and Broken hearts,
Was spread across the field in small Broken parts
But in a tale so sad and full of woe,
Where can a poor boy learn to sow.

The thread and needle through the smothering smoke;
In and out of his skin to fix the withering hope;
But now that metal driven through his spine
Was going to have a tree growing through it, a pine.


  • A reminder that Hannah Currington (Early Intervention Worker) will be available to take calls from parents to discuss strategies to support children with their education and development. Hannah can be contacted at any time between 08:30hrs and 16:00 hrs but a particular ‘phone in’ initiative has been arranged through Chesterton Community College to publicise her services. The next phone in will take place on 31st January 2018: 6pm-7:30pm. Hannah has a wealth of knowledge about developing parenting skills to help manage routines, anxiety, poor behaviour in children and much more. If you have any ideas about future parent workshops that could be delivered by Hannah, please do get in touch by e-mailing Lynsey Rooker (lrooker@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk)


  • Today we welcomed nearly 180 Year 2 students from Arbury, Mayfield and Milton Road primary schools for a multi skills festival.  The Year 8 sport leaders did a great job organising the activities and making sure our young visitors had a fun filled morning.



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