Week Ending 5th July

Our Build

This week we moved into our new building. It really is an amazing space. The highlights are the wonderful cafeteria; the stunning auditorium; amazing new science facilities and the sunny courtyards. We are all enjoying it very much.

Year 11 Prom

On a glorious sunny Thursday evening we welcomed our Year 11 students to the final event of their time at Chesterton, their ‘Leavers Prom’. This was held in a marquee on the grass and had a Bollywood theme: students enjoyed an Indian-themed buffet; a wonderful display of Indian dancing by a group of local dancers; and music supplied by the Year 11 house band and DJ.  The photo booth attracted great attention with everyone posing in amusing hats, glasses and other props; some of the photos are hilarious.  Everyone looked very glamorous in their evening wear, arriving in a variety of vehicles – some quite unusual.  Photos from the event will be in the Year Book and available to view at Certificate Evening later in the year.  We wish all of Year 11 the very best of luck for their future.

Playing for England
Congratulations to Gracie, Jonny and Joseph who were part of the England Korfball squad which came 5th in the Under-17 World Cup in Eindhoven last weekend. Jonny is away again this weekend with the England Under-15 squad for the European Cup in Budapest.

It’s About You

This week’s ‘It’s About YOU’ session was based around anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that many of us go through in different shapes and forms so we decided to have an open discussion to share our experiences. Most importantly, we discussed strategies to support us in moments when we feel most anxious. It was a very successful session and we hope to run it again soon, so continue to look out for more information.

Highlights from Enrichment Week

Thank you for the positive feedback we have had from parents and students about this opportunity to explore new activities and meet new people in school.

Play in a Day: Approximately 50 students participated in ‘play-in-a-day’ over the course of enrichment week, and this activity brought them together in a way that was challenging, creative, dynamic, interactive and lots of fun. The day began with improvisational and confidence-boosting games; we then formed three teams, or theatre companies, which were led by the most experienced participators. The stimulus of ‘The Island’ was introduced, linking the school production with play-in-a-day so that both might draw inspiration from each other. All the teams then had a session with Sam Plumb, local theatre director who has recently worked with world-renowned Emma Rice! Sam advised each company on plot and other developments, so that they were then able to take their work forward independently. In the afternoon, everyone ran their pieces once, receiving final tips from Ms Marston, before the judged performances commenced. Here all students performed in a 5-15-minute drama, employing lighting effects and exciting costumes, and ultimately voted for the theatre company who they felt produced the best structured, most original and most engaging piece. We saw some fantastic work, which was at times comic, at times dark, and always energised! The winning groups received a big box of chocolates, and everyone deserved and got a huge round of applause for their efforts. This was not perhaps the ‘easiest of rides’, but the teamwork and resilience they developed, and the artistic bravery exhibited, will certainly benefit them in later life.

Big Day of Science: A small group of enthusiastic students took part in a ‘Big Day of Science’. They took to the streets of Cambridge on a lovely sunny day and participated in a scavenger hunt: learning about all the amazing scientists and scientific discoveries that have occurred all over the city. The students then spent the afternoon going through the museums and seeing some of the creations these scientists used to discover the wonders of our world. Congratulations to Alex, Tingkang and Aziz who did an incredible job managing to rack up 36 points and were able to take home their very own microscopes.

Exploring Ely: Two groups of students enjoyed visits to Ely. They travelled by train to Ely; clocked up many miles of walking; created their own piece of stained glass, inspired by the Cathedral Stained Glass Museum; and climbed the 66m West Tower to get spectacular views over the countryside. Good fun was had by all!

Fashion Designer for a Day: Over 100 students became fashion designers for a day. They had the chance to create inspiring mood boards; practise some professional proportional fashion sketches; and learn more about the sustainability of the fashion industry. The day culminated with students upcycling and customising secondhand clothing, using a variety of techniques, in order to become aware of the importance of recycling fashion and reducing its environmental impact. A big thanks to the students who were fantastic and to all staff and parents who donated old clothing.

Urban Sketching: Each day of Enrichment Week Ms Russell, Miss Cope and Mr Jennett took 30-plus students out into the city to do some urban sketching. The aim was to spend time looking closely at the city in which we live – an antidote to snappy phone photography. We did some quick warm-up drawing activities in school, which pushed them outside their comfort zones: drawing with their non-dominant hand, for example, before walking into town. We went to Christ’s Pieces to draw street scenes, Jesus Green to sketch the boathouses and the backs to sketch some colleges. The students did some fantastic drawings which they shared on our Edmodo group and they have kept their sketchbooks to continue adding to throughout the summer.

Director in a Day: Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the films and creative styles of three prolific directors: Dexter Fletcher, Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg, learning about different film techniques and directorial styles, including live-action, stop-motion, practical effects and CGI. They also enjoyed a range of movie-themed food and some highly competitive movie quizzes. Thanks to all students who took part for making it such a fun three days.

RSPB Visit: 26 students ventured out from Cambridge on the guided busway to visit RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes. The weather was fantastic, with huge numbers of bees, dragonflies and damselflies as well as a great selection of British wildflowers. We were greeted by the spectacular site of a rare bittern flying overhead. The lakes are host to large numbers of ducks, geese, terns, oystercatchers, grebes, herons, coots and many other species. Students then visited the historic market town of St Ives, taking in the statue of Oliver Cromwell, a visit inside the chapel bridge (one of only four in the country), the Victoria memorial and of course a visit to a local ice-cream parlour. The tour finished with a stop-off at the Norris Museum, before returning home on the guided bus.

Cinema Trip: Students had a fantastic time at the cinema this year with over 500 of us getting involved in the trip over three days. We enjoyed private screenings of The Greatest Showman and Selma at the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge, and were delighted to find beautiful weather accompanying our picnic on Parker’s Piece each day. Many thanks to all the staff and students who came along for making it such a great three days.

African Drumming: On Wednesday 26th June 50 Key Stage 3 students played host to two visitors from Batafon Arts who taught us some traditional djembe rhythms and dances from West Africa; specifically, Guinea from where they originate. Students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the meaning of music (which naturally integrates dance) in tribal communities and how it is a part of everyday life: celebrations, commiserations, farming and family life. Our visitors wore traditional clothes from their respective tribes in Guinea and demonstrated the role of Master Drummer in community drumming. We definitely all worked up a sweat on this really enjoyable enrichment day!

Babraham Visit: On Wednesday and Thursday the Science Department took groups of students to spend the day at the Babraham Institute, to learn about what goes on in a world-renowned bioscience research facility. Our students had tours of the facilities; talks from researchers and animal technicians; and took part in discussions and practical activities. These were two inspiring days which highlighted the opportunities and potential career routes within the bioscience industry available both on our doorstep and worldwide.

French Cinema Trip: Going to the Arts Picturehouse is an enriching experience in itself but watching a film in a foreign language even more so and all the students who participated in the MFL cinema trip enjoyed themselves immensely. When we arrived at the cinema on Friday morning the Picturehouse staff had squash and popcorn ready for us, which was very welcome after our walk from school, and we had the luxury of comfy seats and the big screen. The film Le Petit Nicolas was an absolute joy. We were spellbound by Nicolas and his band of friends who get up to all kinds of mischief in and out of school and there was much laughter (first prize to Ms Martinelli here!) as we watched one scrape after another unfold. There were plenty of French phrases we could recognise from our own lessons and of course the subtitles helped reinforce student understanding. We then enjoyed a picnic lunch in the sunshine on Parker’s Piece and ice creams on Jesus Green as we made our way back to school. The film has even inspired some of us to read (or even re-read) the book of Le Petit Nicolas, which is just as funny and entertaining as the film and a wonderful way to improve our French.

Make-up Masterclass: The masterclass was a success, with students really engaged and enjoying creating their own look. Students learnt the importance of skincare and colour matching foundation (with a special thanks to M.A.C and Boots for their foundation samples); also using blusher, highlighter and bronzer products to contour. Students also focused on eyes and eyebrows, beginning with natural and developing their creative looks. Some eyeshadow applications were very creative and one student had the most magnificent eyeshadow of a sunset with a cloud and stars.

Camping Trip: A group of Year 10 students spent three days hiking and camping in the countryside. Much fun was had by everyone and the trip ended with some very tired but gratified teachers and students.

Football: Over 90 students took part in football freestyle workshops – all parties involved really enjoyed the experience and made some outstanding progress. Jamie Knight, a world record-breaking professional football freestyler, ran three separate workshops in the lovely sunshine: sensational and inspiring for all students involved. There were two separate sessions between 9am and 1pm before students took part in a football tournament after lunch. The students were clearly overwhelmed after meeting a mini-celeb and managed to get Jamie to perform a couple of stunning performances as well as getting autographs and photos before leaving each day. A special mention to Szymon who won Star Performer over the three days.

Taekwondo: Students had fun experiencing what Taekwondo was about. Ms Park, Mr Bray and Mr De Souza introduced the students to the world of Korean Martial Arts. The students were able to learn how to count from 1 to 10 in Korean and were also tested to make sure they remembered! They learnt how to perform different kicks and also use them one after the other to create a combination of moves. The students then had a chance to kick the teachers in the body, who were luckily wearing body armour for protection, to see what a real-life sparring match may feel like. Our black belt star Ellie helped on the Friday to really show the students an array of skills.

Rob Roy Rowing Club link – Boat Race report

The annual rowing club link for Year 8 students reached its climax this week, with a boat race against our local friends at Parkside School.  This was the last of five sessions on the water, giving our students an opportunity to show all the skills they’ve learnt over the previous weeks.  Both the boys’ and girls’ teams from Chesterton showed great effort and enthusiasm, and a fantastic level of competence after having only rowed for a short amount of time.  One team led from start to finish, with some skilful changeovers and powerful rowing.  The other team provided no less skill and power, but were caught out early in the race by a fallen tree – honours even!  Well done to Luis, Bethany, Hayden, Orla, Laurie, Prune, Eloise, Jozsef, Ciara, Gaja, Jasmine and Michael.

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