Week Ending 8th February 2019

Week Ending 8th February 2019

Several staff have been on guided tours around our new build over the last week as the progress continues. Whilst it doesn’t look much different day-to-day from the outside, the team are working hard inside on the interior finishes. The changes we have noticed this week are the external finish to the rear of the building being applied and the glass and doors being completed which are starting to truly transform the look of the building.

Fencing arrives at Chesterton! Year 7 and 8 students received Fencing taster sessions in their regular PE lessons this week. The sessions were organised to promote the new Fencing club which will be based at Chesterton every Wednesday after school; starting after the February half term holiday (more information to follow, via parentmail). The sessions will be provided by Cambridge Sword Club – https://bookwhen.com/cambridgesword

Anglian Schools Cross Country. The finest runners from Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire gathered together last weekend for the Anglian Schools cross country championships. It was a very successful day for the Cambs team, as it finished in first place overall! Three Chesterton students contributed to the team performance: Imogen – 60th (Year 7 girls); Sam – 33rd (Year 11 boys) and Isaac – 56th (Year 7 boys)

The second Milton Road Primary mentoring project afternoon was a fantastic success. 22 Year 9 students from CCC devised and delivered a range of exciting lessons to eight Year 6 groups. We undertook science experiments, created volcanoes and learned some new French vocabulary amongst many other sessions. A big thank you to all those involved.

Our next music Teatime Concert takes place on Tuesday 12th February at 3.45pm in M1. Families and friends are welcome to come and support students participating; refreshments provided. Any students performing should come to Music at 3.05pm to warm up.

The Science department are busy at the moment planning ahead for Science Week at Chesterton (March 11-15th). Generous funding from the PTA will see activities every day ranging from forensics, engineering, visits, dissections, astronomy and of course the odd explosion! Look out for more information over the coming weeks.

A huge congratulations to Cavendish 8, between them they have earnt a whopping 370 Above and Beyond points since the start of this academic year. All the forms within Cavendish are working hard to reach a figure like this; we are becoming very competitive! Our top earning student is Issac, who has earnt an amazing 51 points.

Cavendish 5 are currently in the lead for attendance amongst the Cavendish forms. Miss Ord and Miss Parker have been working hard with their students to ensure they have great attendance and punctuality. As a form they currently are at 98.36%, which is fantastic.

Well done to all the Cavendish forms for working so hard this year.

Students in Equiano continue to display the highest standards at Chesterton. The tutor group with the most ABPs is still Equiano 9 with 318. Whilst this time of year brings the challenges of seasonal illnesses, Equiano 3 is maintaining outstanding attendance with 98.28%. Simona continues to be the student in Equiano with the most ABPs with 40. However, will she be able to claim the end term prize or will another student overtake her?

Well done to Hill 5 who have the most form ABPs with a total of 292. Congratulations to Hill 7, who are at the top of the leader board with the highest attendance. Special congratulations also go to Georgia Morris (Hill 3) who has earned the most ABPs with a total of 33 points.

Scores so far for house competitions.


1st – Robinson (1230)

2nd – Equiano (1110)

3rd – Fawcett (935)

4th – Hill (780)

5th – Cavendish (720)


1st – Robinson (1605)

2nd – Fawcett (1586)

3rd – Equiano (1568)

4th – Hill (1512)

5th – Cavendish (1245)

The Year 10 football team has started its role in a dissertation study looking at the fatigue of youth footballers in small sided football matches. The students from University of Lincoln commenced some baseline testing this week before playing lots of games in coming weeks. An interesting experience for all involved.

On Monday 4th February a team of four Year 10 triple scientists – Rhianna, Eleanor, Peter, and Ali-Reza – competed in the annual county-wide Perse Science Quiz. The Chesterton team put in a strong performance, coming first in many of the quiz rounds. However, the demanding practical challenges took their toll and overall the team finished fourth out of the ten competing schools.

Year 11 photography students are prepping this week for a Saturday trip to London on the 9th Feb. They will be guided on Mrs Butler’s very own photography ‘walking tour’! All the photographs taken during our trip will go towards their final exam project: Reflections. Some students are focusing on literal reflections whilst others are documenting people that may be reflecting. Look out on Mrs Butler’s twitter for some updates on the day.

Artsaward students in Year 9 have been working hard on independently creating their own artwork inspired by the exhibitions they have visited and the research they have done. We have seen some lovely printmaking, painting, spray paintings and drawing and are looking forward to students sharing the skills they have learnt with each other next. Please note the date for the skills share has changed to Thursday 14th Feb after school, all information is on the edmodo page.

Year 9 student Diego makes an appearance in the current issue of the NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design) magazine. The article is about tackling the attainment and participation gap between boys and girls in Art and Design. Diego is shown working on a large scale drawing at Accesart’s experimental drawing class for teenagers which he attends weekly.

Year 9 will receive their Pathway Form to fill in next week. This is always an exciting time where students take ownership over their courses and really begin to think about which areas interest them the most and which they may even follow through to careers. After the parents’ evening, assemblies, presentations, literature and meetings we hope students in Year 9 and their families feel well equipped to make good choices, but if you are struggling please do get in touch via your child tutor or directly to Mr Auffret.

A reminder that if you provide a home provided iPad, we expect to see this in school and in good order each day. We will start to write to parents next week where we are concerned that children are bring disadvantaged by frequently not having an iPad.

Watch this space for future information on our architecture festival: 25th Feb until 15th March. We will be offering a range of different events and architecture and construction themed activities in partnership with Cambridge Association of Architects and Wilmott Dixon, sponsored by the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry (CFCI). A Parent mail will be going out shortly for students to sign up for the design and construction workshops.

It was the first round of the Classics Bake Off this week. For their first challenge students had to make a cake using at least three Roman ingredients. It was a huge success, with so many lovely and talented bakers (21 in all!) contributing a wide range of utterly moreish cakes and biscuits. After school an enthusiastic and hungry crowd of students and staff selflessly volunteered to do some tasting and judging. Our star bakers of Week One are (joint 1st place): Lauren, Zoe and Tess (one team)

In preparation for Time to Talk Day Clara Spielman has been giving assemblies on the work of Time to Change.

On Friday 1st February, some of our Year 10 students were lucky to have the opportunity to take part in the second of two planned workshops ran by local poet Alice Willitts. As part of their GCSE studies, students are expected to be analytically familiar with fifteen poems, one of which is the thought-provoking “Phrase Book” by Jo Shapcott. Alice opened up the students’ minds to new ways to approach Shapcott’s poem, whilst also providing a platform for them to engage with their own creative expression. In this session students work-shopped their poems, under the guidance of Alice, experiencing what it is like to receive criticism from readers of their work and acting upon it. Students were encouraged to voice what resonated with them and what didn’t; ultimately with the goal for our young poets to hone their craft. One of the notable contributions was from Ilena, who skilfully added yet another layer to the poetic mix: embracing the codes and conventions of a sonnet, interlaced with Shakespearean Language.

happy?(reject) by Ilena Day
Thee should not foreswear As Th’re is nothing, we art nothing mine own love f’r him is a daily prayer but soft and slower this humour is unbecoming
>>> 3 life% /rules/ 1) {if you don’t go after what you “want”need , you will never have it 2) if you do not ask, the answer will always be no_/ –negativenevernope– 3) if you do not step >>>forward then you will remain in the same%/ place -staying statically still-
wishes yond is what is speaketh, at which hour I behold into thy eyes and nothing looks back I still cower Like a wolf waiting to attack
return new Promise third if (fig.geo.isUK()) { resolve(‘GB’); } else if (fig.geo.isEU()) { resolve(‘EU’); } else { resolve me(undefined)
F’r mine own loveth is a romeo But I am nay Juliet madeth for loving him This boy is not mine own friend n’r mine own foe and this feeling is becoming gawkingly Grim
addLabels(“2/a==_version of @ feeling {found at rainbows end} clich(é)? {/silently ignored/}}return (promiseToString
a thrumm’d strum on thy guitar opening gateways to hidden worlds but i can only glance upon the tall thought-woven sails, that flap unfurl’d.
reject(‘Error’ (‘Error’ ‘Error’) determining feeling. Timeout?’);

A great number of students from all years have been attending rehearsals for the annual music department West Road Concert, which takes place on Thursday 21st March at 7pm, at West Road Concert Hall. Students are working really hard to prepare and those participating will receive a letter in rehearsals before half-term to confirm arrangements. Tickets for families and friends will be on sale after the half-term holiday, so please do look out for further information.

We have said farewell to our Chinese exchange students, they returned to Beijing in time to celebrate New Year with their families. Over the last few days of their stay with us they visited: the British Museum, China Town (where they managed to enjoy some more familiar foods) and spent the weekend with their host families. We were sad to see them go, some long lasting friendships have been formed and we are very much looking forward to our return visit to Beijing in April. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the families, teachers and students for their incredible hospitality, cooperation and support over the past two weeks

Maths problem of the week!

I have a water tank shaped like a cube which is 2m tall. My bucket holds 2.5 litres

How many bucketfuls of water will it take to fill the tank

Last problem’s answer: 20 turns


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