Week ending March 21st

  • This week we had a fascinating event in the library, as part of our reading for pleasure campaign. Over 50 students signed up to participate in a Manga illustration event with our expert Sonia Leong, artist and illustrator attached to Sweatdrop Studios in Cambridge. It was a very entertaining and informative workshop in which students were introduced to Manga, the format, styles and content when writing and in addition given teaching in how to draw Manga and illustrate Manga stories. I dropped in for a short while and was very impressed with what the students had been inspired to produce.
  • Tuesday morning saw all the Year 1’s from our main feeder primary schools come to Chesterton to take part in a multi skills festival. The 220 children were magnificently led by a team of year 7 and 9 sports leaders. Also, for the first time, year 5/6 sports leaders were invited from the primary schools to come and work alongside our leaders. It proved to be a great success and will now become the norm when we host primary school events. The pictured below show some of the leaders in action!
  • The final gcse speaking assessments for French and German are now beginning in earnest, with candidates timetabled from next week to take part in four to six minute presentations and conversations with their teachers. These are recorded and sent to exam boards. They count for fifteen per cent of the students’ final grade so all students are now revising and working as hard as they can!  Bonne chance to them!  They really deserve to do well.
  • We also had speaking assessments for our iGCSE English students. They looked incredibly nervous when I met them in the library before the event, but I know they’ve worked really hard in preparation and so I’m sure will do well.
  • It hasn’t just been exams this week for Y11, they also had their final year group photo. I always think it is an emotional moment when you see a year group on the verge of leaving having their final official school photograph. It was clearly quite an emotional event for some, but there was also lot of humour too and there is an “unofficial” photo which we may try to put on our Facebook page.
  • Melissa Murray has begun her residency this week in the art department which will run until the end of the year. She has been working with groups, before she starts her external sculptures. I really enjoyed seeing her work with a group of Year 7 students on visual dominoes, where students produce miniature images which they then try to link together. The students created some really interesting images which when displayed collectively were visually impressive. I look forward to seeing the future work that will be produced.
  • We had a great Enrichment day on Friday with students participating in a variety of different events.  One hundred and four Year 7 students went to Boulanger for sightseeing and lots of French shopping. A great experience of French culture in a day!
  • Some Year 8 students visited the Natural History Museum with the science department. Whilst the Maths department organised a Maths challenge with Jaguar Cars.
  • Some Year 9 students were involved in the History Auschwitz trip, whilst others took part in a crime day experiencing first hand life in a cell. We were also joined by students from North Cambridge Academy as part of the day.
  • Music students were involved in a string day and put on a small performance at the close of the day.
  • We had a wide variety of activities as always and we will hopefully have some great photos on Facebook to share with you next week. These are great days for students and an integral part of their educational experience.
  • On Wednesday I attended the Cambridgeshire Heads’ Conference. It was a great opportunity for me to meet with fellow headteachers and discuss the issues that we are all tackling, such as lack of funding. There was a great sense of collaboration and partnership at the meeting which was very positive. At the conference we had presentations from a HMI, a government education inspector, and from Ian Gilbert a leading educationalist who trains on philosophy for students. His presentation was particularly engaging and certainly made me consider how we give students in schools opportunities to be truly creative and effective thinkers.
  • We had our Y7 i-pad drop in for parents on Tuesday, which was an opportunity for parents to meet with representatives of the senior team and our e-learning team to discuss how children will use the i-pads in Y8. As you will be aware from next year we will have i-pads for every student in the school, apart from Y7, and we are very excited about how this will allow us to further develop the great work which this technology has allowed to happen. Richard Kirkby is currently compiling a detailed evaluation report of the first year and the implementation process which we will share with parents shortly.
  • The week ended with a visit from Julian Huppert, our local MP, who had been invited into school by our student politics’ group for a debate. It is great to see so many of our students engaged and passionate about politics.



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