Week ending May 9th

  • We have had more of our open afternoons this week, where parents have had the opportunity to look at feedback books and be guided through the work that has been completed this year. I have found the atmosphere at the open afternoons really delightful, seeing parents listening intently to their child and being able to see the quality of work which has been produced. We have been using the feedback books for two terms now and they have are working well, with students able to see the progress they make from assessment to assessment. Teachers are also working hard on the quality of feedback that they give and really thinking carefully about the comments which will prompt students to think and move learning forward. We are still refining the process and will be looking at how we can use the i-pads to photograph / record assessments so that parents can see these at home on a more regular basis.
  • Last Wednesday, it was 7:1 and 7:2’s turn to go on an excursion to St Andrew’s church in Chesterton as part of their ‘Wicked Wednesday’ activities. All year 7s will have the opportunity to go over the next few weeks. They examined the church’s impressive ‘Doom Painting’, attempted to decipher the stories contained in the stained glass windows and surveyed the graveyard to find the oldest gravestones (which dated back to the 1200s). They learned what ‘epitaphs’ are and created some beautiful wax rubbings of the most interesting ones. They found a plaque commemorating the life of Olaudah – Equiano’s daughter – (which was of particular interest for members of Equiano house) and an impressive war memorial remembering local men who died during the First World War. Please see the pictures on our Facebook page.
  • I had the pleasure this week of signing lots of Bronze award Chesterton Challenge certificates for our Y7 students. The challenge is a great opportunity for encouraging students to take part in the life of the school. I look forward to signing lots more before the end of the year.
  • We were fortunate to be visited by the Danish ambassador this week, after an invitation from J Kerwin in Y11. Many students and members of the broader Chesterton community attended the event and were very entertained. Highlight of the event was some exclusive information about new work from the writer on Borgen; a scoop for Chesterton in lots of ways.
  • As parents you will be aware of our use of Edmodo which we feel has revolutionised homework in school. I thought it might be interesting to share some statistics with you about its use since September 2013. Teachers have -created 3,871 Assignment, made 7,017 posts to their walls, visited Edmodo 10,596 times and created 1686 groups. Whilst students have made 10,300 posts on their walls, 95,287 visits to Edmodo and turned in 41,954 assignments. Staggering returns for homework. Please do look at the site as a parent, as it gives a real flavour of the work your child is doing in school.
  • Thirty-two Year 9 students are approaching the end of their Business Enterprise project carried out in conjunction with Felixstowe College of Trade and Industry. This week there was a sale of the products they have designed and made from material they imported from around the world. Items included necklaces, candles, t-shirts, tote bags and bracelets. They sold over £150 worth of goods, a fantastic achievement. Having made my own purchases I can vouch for both the quality and their fierce sales technique! On Tuesday 13th May, the students will be holding a further sale of their goods from a stall at the Market Square in Cambridge city centre. The stall will be open from around 9am – 3pm; if you are in the area, please do pop along to have a look at the fruits of their labour. Look out for details of their work in the local media – students will be meeting the Mayor, Paul Saunders at the Market Square and we are expecting it to be covered by the local Press.
  • Year 9 Artsaward students held their skills’ sharing workshops this week. They all did a great job, preparing really well. It was a terrific opportunity to show off the skills they have developed during their Artsaward projects. We saw some wonderful paintings, drawings, graffiti work, 3 D work and even a Mondrian inspired cake in the shape of a handbag!
  • First GCSE exams this week, with iGCSE English students. As ever some worried faces at this stressful time, but also real focus and commitment at pre-exam revision sessions.
  • Don’t forget tonight we have an auction of promises for two staff – Donna Young and Rebecca Gardener – who are raising money for their summer trip to work with teachers in Uganda. There are some great promises, so I am sure they will raise lots.



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