Week ending September 11th

  • It’s been great to welcome everyone back for the start of the new academic year. Our two teacher professional days were focused on ensuring that all staff knew their new students with our data system working incredibly well and all staff using a new seating plan app which holds detailed information about students, helping teachers think carefully about how to group students in lessons. There was also a significant amount of departmental time to look at feedback books and schemes of learning. All the planning time ensured an incredibly smooth start and walking around lessons this week there is an incredibly purposeful and focused atmosphere.
  • Year 7 have started very positively. We have a bigger year group than usual and the school feels very busy with all of our new students. We’ve been very impressed with how focused students are in lessons and the genuine enthusiasm they are showing about every aspect of school life: lessons, extra-curricular activities and school food! We have never had so many Year 7 students want to eat school lunches, so well done to our in-house catering team!
  • In the summer we sent a brief Parentmail about results and placed information on the website, but I felt it would be helpful to provide some more detailed information. We are delighted with our results as so many of our students have been given the chance to truly realise their potential. Our current results place us as second in Cambridgeshire and performing in line with or above schools that have been designated as outstanding by Ofsted. Some key headlines are:
  • 75% of students gained 5+A*-C including English and Maths; 84% of students gained A*-C in English and 85% in Maths; Triple Science results were excellent at 94%, 96% and 97% for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and we saw a 17% increase for our students taking Core Science. In Humanities Geography achieved 97% A*-C; History 85% and RPSE, which was taken by all students for the first time, at 78%. Modern Foreign Language results were 97% A*-C for French, 100% for German and 95% for Spanish. Our students with special educational needs performed exceptionally well this year, for example our Chesterton Alert students over-performed against their targets by 14%, and for the first time ever we achieved 100% A* – G.
  • We are delighted with these results and now begin the work again for next year!
  • Our ESOL café is open again – this is provision for parents who speak English as a second language. On Friday there was an open day and taster classes for our international parents for our free English classes; these are for beginners, advanced speakers and those who wish to develop English for work. If you missed Friday please do come along to future sessions where you can meet other parents, try our free classes and meet our tutors. We invite parents and native speakers who would be interested in helping.
  • Next week Sophie Wilson will be giving a presentation plus Q&A for our Year 10/11 Computing students and some Year 8/9 Students. We are delighted to welcome Sophie who is a Broadcom Fellow and Distinguished Engineer, a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Women’s Engineering Society. She designed the Acorn System 1, coding the operating system in binary before designing and implementing Acorn Assembler, Acorn MOS and BASIC. She and Steve Furber took less than a week to design and implement the prototype of the BBC Microcomputer, winning Acorn the contract for the Computer Literacy Project. Sophie designed the operating system and wrote BBC BASIC and implemented BBC BASIC for a succession of processors. Sophie co-designed the ARM processor powering Acorn’s computers and virtually every mobile phone and tablet in the world nowadays – 50 billion sales of ARM powered chips to date. I am sure she will be an inspirational speaker.
  • We held two very well attended parent information evenings for Year 8 and Year 9 parents this week. The aim of the sessions is to provide information about how best to support your child. We will be holding a Year 7 Parent Information Evening next week on September 17th at 7.30pm and we look forward to welcoming you so we can share with you how best to support your child.

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