Week ending September 12th

  • lucy400300As we reach the end of the first full school week, the holidays do seem a very distant memory for everyone with new class groups well established and working hard. It has been good to see the enthusiasm with which everyone has returned back to school and walking around I have been pleased to see really exciting lessons and students enjoying their learning.
  • We have run many assemblies this week to start the year, giving every house an overview of the year ahead and for Years 10 and 11 opportunities to really consider how to make the very best start back in these important years. In my assembly students were asked to think about their future self and set themselves a goal for this year that we would open in September 2015. I have the envelopes in my desk drawer, like a mini time capsule, and knowing the students I’m certain they will achieve their goals.
  • Mr Erickson has started his assemblies about resilience, a key theme for us this year as we seek to see how we can help build this quality across our school community. We all know that the ability to fail and not be disheartened or to keep trying at difficult tasks is the key to success and we want every student in our care to have this quality.
  • This week we held two parent information evenings, one for Year 8 and one for Year 9. We were overwhelmed by the attendance and truly delighted to see the partnership which exists between school and home, as parents had come along to see how they could best support their child. We have not run these evenings previously, but the feedback we received on the evening convinced us that we will now make them a regular feature. On the evening I gave a short talk about developments in school and then there was a carousel of parent workshops focused on the core subjects and Ipad use. The workshops focused on ways in which parents could support at home and seeing families sitting working together in school was lovely. Parents who attended also had a first glimpse of The Apex and we had many nice comments about the new space.
  • We would like to thank students and parents for their efforts throughout the summer in attending the IPad presentations and then collecting / setting up their IPads. It has led to a great start to the year with lots of exciting learning being able to take place immediately without having to use curriculum time to set-up. We are looking forward to the iPads helping teachers and Year 8 learn together for the first time. For Year 11 in particular they now have fantastic access to all the tools and resources to help them realise their potential in this important final year. As parents please do look at the revision materials online.
  • We also congratulate those students appointed as iLeaders at the end of last term. We are looking forward to hearing their ideas, learning from them and working with them so they can be their House’s first port of call for students looking for ways to use the iPads to further their learning and creativity.
  • We also have an equivalent staff group and the first iLeaders’ staff meeting was held this week to examine how we can maximise Ipad use in Years 10 and 11.  Some excellent and innovative ideas were generated and we will share more as we move through the year.
  • Edmodo is great way of bringing learning into the home and we encourage all parents to either look through Edmodo with their child or you can even register a parent account using the parent code displayed on your Child’s Account.
  • Remember you can keep up with all the news in the College through our Website, Parentmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Dr Hutchinson and Becky Pointon gave a presentation about the role of social media in education to a group of senior citizens from the NWR (National Women’s Register) In Bar Hill. They were excited to hear about the ways in which Chesterton is using iPads to support learning through social media such as Edmodo and Twitter.
  • Please feel free to encourage any friends who may be interested in the school to attend our Open Evening on Thursday October 2nd, between 6pm and 8pm. This is a great opportunity to see what students experience on a daily basis.
  • Next Tuesday at 7.30pm there will be the first PTA meeting on the year. This will be in The Apex and everyone is very welcome to attend.
  • Next Thursday at 7.30pm we will be holding a Year 7 Parent Information Evening. I look forward to seeing Year 7 parents and students at the event, so we can share with you what is happening in school and ways to help support at home.
  • International parents who speak English as another language We invite you to a free taster English lesson at Chesterton Community College Friday September 19th from 9.30am.Came and meet likeminded parents and find our more about the courses we offer.Contact Sarah Adams sadams@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk



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