Weekly Blog – Friday 18th September 2020

Year 11 GCSE Drama
This week, the Year 11 GCSE Drama cohort conducted an interview live on Zoom with international and award-winning choreographer Cathy Marston (Royal Opera House, Ballet Black, Northern Ballet and San Francisco Ballet). Marston was greatly impressed by the maturity and artistic understanding of the students, who are currently embarking upon devising projects for assessment. Marston’s ‘big break’ as a choreographer came from her 1994 Royal Ballet competition entry entitled ‘Birdy’. The GCSE students are now returning to the same stimulus – the front cover image of the novel ‘Birdy’ by William Wharton. Marston discussed the challenges of creating theatre in current Covid times, and how to generate material from an ensemble, which comes out of actors moving rather than being static. Students described the experience as ‘inspirational’, and will hopefully refer to it in future cultural and career-based contexts when professional contacts and social skill can play such an impactful part on their success.

PE News
Extracurricular sports clubs – great attendance
The sports clubs at Chesterton have been exceptionally popular at the start of term, as students seek to be more active after the lockdown.  Clubs have included table tennis, badminton, tennis, running, football, fitness suite and Ultimate Frisbee.
Kit sponsorship
The PE Department is extremely grateful to NP Architects, as they have sponsored a basketball kit and netball kit for our college teams.  We can’t wait to see our teams start to compete, wearing the new kit.
PE on Twitter
You can see some fantastic photos and keep up to date with everything going on in the PE Department – just follow the department via Twitter:  @pechesterton

Black Lives Matter: ‘Make a Change’ Creative Challenge
On Monday 22nd June Chesterton students, staff and parents took part in a PSHE dropdown morning focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement. As part of our ongoing conversation around racial equality, we then launched the Chesterton Creative Challenge. This challenge invited students to produce something that reflects their understanding of and feelings about equality, diversity and tolerance. The PSHE team want to express our gratitude to all those who took part – we were so impressed by the quality of your work. In particular, we wanted to commend Rebecca (Year 10), Kalina (Year 7), Quinn and Marnie (both Year 8) for their contributions. The clarity, creativity and maturity you have both shown in your work is outstanding. We are pleased to share some of these pieces of work with you below and attached.
Darkness by Quinn (Year 8):
The savannah. My home. A haven. A place of refuge. A sanctuary from the chaos of ordinary life. I had lived there all my life and considered it the only place I could escape the village. The plains allowed me to think, to break away from the trappings of my birth home. Grass, trees, animals, rocks, these were my real home. I could have lived on the savannah. Yet, this was denied me. The men prevented me. They held everyone in my village back; constrained them and confined them. Stories and lies limited our imaginations. Weapons and chains restrained our physical forms. Foreigners had trapped us and bent us to their awe. The savannah was no longer safe. I ran toward the village. Escape was impossible; darkness was inexorable.
The village seemed to lurch from the hills, reminiscent of a frightened and wounded animal. Our feeble collection of wood huts was an elephant, bristling with spears and arrows. Furious and desperate, yet conscious of its eventual demise; where shame and warriors once walked, sinister pale men in white suits now strode: apparently without purpose. Spears, which had been placed against the walls of our huts, now lay discarded; replaced by silver poles. We had all witnessed the power of these wands, seen the fire leaping from their ends and destroying our families. Those weapons kept us in check, like animals or slaves. We could not fight them with our frail wooden sticks. It was hopeless.
I began to walk to my hut. As I moved, I passed a strange vehicle. Resembling a metal horse, it contained seats and wheels. Another wand was mounted upon the back. Watching this craft, I felt obsolete and useless. Our beasts and chariots could not compare to machinery this powerful. These etiolated men were akin to omnipotent deities. Indestructible, omniscient, inevitable. We were lost. The darkness had come. Life would never be the same.

Students can share, discuss and try out ways to improve memory, focus and reduce anxiety on Tuesday lunchtime in A17. Students should bring their packed lunch with them. More information available from Mrs Gibson.

Extracurricular Clubs
Extracurricular clubs are beginning to get up and running at school with sessions running before school, during lunchtimes and after school across the curriculum subjects and beyond.
Clubs have all individually been risk assessed to ensure compliance with the college’s Covid-Secure Policy.
A spreadsheet showing what is available is up on the School website and will be updated as more opportunities become available:
https://ccc.cambridgeshireeducationaltrust.org/life-at-chesterton/extra-curricular/  .
Students should look out for adverts for specific clubs on Daily Notices too.

Equiano House
Equiano students have had another successful week and are quickly getting into the new routines of sanitising hands and tables to protect others. The students are looking forward to the house quiz returning this week where they can show off their impressive knowledge of weekly affairs. It’s nice to see that our students are interested in what is going on in the world around them. There is an opportunity for the students to apply to become a prefect and not only be a role model to the students in Equiano but also to the whole school. Equiano are extremely fortunate to have so many ideal candidates.
Finally, well done to Equiano for already earning 166 Above and Beyond Points (ABPs). This is a fantastic amount and hopefully this will be continued throughout the weeks to come.

Cavendish House
Cavendish have had a fantastic start to the academic year – congratulations to Cavendish 8.2 who are at the top of our Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) table. They have earned a mighty 47 points so far which is a great start. A huge well done to Mona (Year 7) in Cavendish 7.2 for receiving the most ABPs in the whole house. Keep up the good work!
Hill House
Well done to all Hill pupils on a fantastic second week back. Students have shown a huge amount of resilience with all the new Covid guidelines implemented around the school. This week sees the continuation of Hill’s attendance score of 95.76% with the top tutor groups being H8.2 and H9.2 both with over 99% attendance. Fantastic effort!
Our students have also been busy collecting lots of Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) with the leaders being Quinn (14 points) and Rebecca (12 points) who have both received their level 1 awards. Hill students have also been attending the numerous sporting extracurricular activities on offer including running club, badminton and tennis. We hope Hill students keep grasping all opportunities in the future.

Fawcett House
Fawcett have had another great week to kick start the new school year – notably Libby in Year 8 has scored an outstanding 10 Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) in her first week along with Lina who scored a very impressive 8 points – congratulations and keep up the good work! As a house, we have earned a whopping 359 ABPs in just the fortnight we have been back to school – well done to all house members.
In form time this week we had an assembly to launch the Chesterton Challenge where students have the opportunity to challenge themselves to achieve awards by maintaining a good attendance record, achieving ABPs and contributing their time to opportunities around school and within the community. It is clear that Fawcett students are striving for greatness and it will be great to see how far they come with the Chesterton Challenge by the end of the academic year.

Robinson House
Another fantastic week for Robinson. Now we are starting to settle into the swing of things and used to being back in the classroom. Robinson pupils got a total of 165 Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) in a week, which is highly impressive. Keep up the good work! A special mention to Year 8 Yuxin who got the most ABPs in the whole of Robinson House leading her form to be the most successful of the week. At the moment the girls have taken the lead in the numbers of points achieved so let’s see if the boys can catch up next week.
Just a reminder to always follow the one-way system and keep sanitizing. It is for your own and others’ safety.
Finally, we want to say how pleased we are to see such a high standard of uniform across all year groups in Robinson House. Well done, you are looking fabulous!


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