Weekly Blog Friday 25th September

Virtual Open Evening

On Thursday 1st October we warmly invite Year 6 pupils and parents to join us for our virtual open evening. We are sorry that we cannot open our doors to families in the same way as usual this year but students and staff have worked on a special film which will be available on the school website from 1st October.  There will also be two live talks on Thursday 1st October which will give families the opportunity to hear more about Chesterton.

Full details on the school website under Virtual Open Evening.

Year 10 Catering and Hospitality

The Year 10 Hospitality and Catering students enjoyed their first, socially distanced, visit of the course; visiting the Cambridge Hotel last week. Students were lucky enough to get access all areas to help introduce them to the industry. They enjoyed meeting a wide range of the team, including the General Manager, Head Chef, Estates Manager and Head of Events. The wonderful Front of House Manager ensured the students enjoyed a full tour, including the newly refurbished suites which haven’t yet had time for the paint to dry. The students asked insightful questions and were a credit to the school. The Cambridge Hotel staff were extremely impressed and have offered some wonderful opportunities in the future. We were indebted to all the team at the hotel for allowing us to visit during these extremely challenging times.


Honours Boards

At the end of each academic year, subject areas nominate two students from each year group to be named on the subject honours board. Students can be selected for a range of reasons including: achievement, effort, progress, resilience and commitment. This week the honours boards have been updated for 2019–2020. Congratulations to all students who have been named on the honours boards this year.


Friday 2nd October – Professional Day
A reminder that next Friday 2nd October is a professional day which means the school is closed to students for the day. There are no formal lessons and students can enjoy a long weekend.

Hot Food

We are delighted to be opening our school kitchen once more from
Monday 5th October. Please see the recent letter on Parentmail for full
details of menus, how to book and how we are making the lunch sessions

Covid Security

We continue to work hard to make sure the school environment is safe for students and staff. To support our social distancing measures we are making masks compulsory in the school libraries to allow for more flexibility in using the facilities. We are also renewing our strong recommendation that masks are worn in the corridors. We would be grateful if adults at home could remind students to bring a mask to school. Staff will remind students at lesson changeovers to put their mask on until they are out of the corridor.



Welcome back everyone! We hope that you are enjoying being back at school and that you are finding ways to cope with the new normal. These are still unprecedented times and so looking after your mental health is more important than ever. Research also shows that supportive environments at home and school help LGBTQ youth thrive. Strong family bonds, safe schools and support from caring adults can all protect LGBTQ youth.

Chesterton Pride Club is back up and running every Thursday after school in B14 (Covid-secure restrictions in place; please speak to Miss Martinelli for more details).

We are close to securing the Rainbow Flag Award; our policies have been updated, including an overhaul of the Transgender Policy, all of which will be available on the school website very soon. We have four gender-neutral sets of toilets and we are working on finding gender-neutral changing facilities once these are back in operation. Staff are proactive in supporting our LGBTQ+ students and our Head of House team is engaged in working with our LGBTQ+ students to support them in making their experience of school safe and positive.
We are so proud of our LGBTQ+ young people who are able to live authentically and confidently and we strive to support our LGBTQ+ students who are not yet out to feel able to join those who are. Thank you to our staff and school for supporting us to be openly and proudly ourselves.

For more information for parents, please see links below, or click here for information on our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions about supporting an LGBTQ+ child or about any of our provision in school, please get in touch with Miss Martinelli (dmartinelli@chesterton.cambs.sch.uk).

Equiano House

Equiano students have been taking part in PSHE since the beginning of September with the focus being on mental health, wellbeing and bullying. Students have recognised how important these topics are and have been very supportive towards each other. Some students in Equiano were able to visit a nearby hotel where they were introduced to different aspects of the catering business and looked at the various careers available. The students really enjoyed this and we look forward to more trips becoming available in the future.

Equiano have continued to earn Above and Beyond Points (ABPs) with a total of 440. A special well done to Harvey in Year 9 who has gained 16 ABPs and therefore taken the lead.


Cavendish House

Cavendish students have now adapted their new routine back at school and have also settled in well. We are currently doing very well with House points and attendance. So far, our overall attendance for Cavendish is 96.6%; however, we would like it to be 97%. Well done to C7.2 for gaining the most ABPs which is 101!

Uniform: In general we are smart and proud of our appearance. If you are not sure on uniform, please speak to your Heads of House and they will advise you on what to wear or alternately check the school website.

Wellbeing: We are a caring house – if you are worried about anything, please come and speak to the Heads of House who will be more than happy to help.

Hill House

Well done to all Hill pupils on a fantastic second week back! Students have shown a huge amount of resilience with all the new Covid guidelines implemented around the school. This week sees the continuation of Hill’s attendance score of 95.76% with the top tutor groups being H8.2 and H9.2 both with over 99% attendance. Fantastic effort!

Our students have been busy collecting lots of Above and Beyond Points with the leaders being Quinn (14 ABPs) and Rebecca (12 ABPs) who have both received their Level 1 Awards.

Hill students have also been attending the numerous sporting extracurricular activities on offer including running club, badminton and tennis. We hope Hill students keep attending all opportunities in the future.


Fawcett House

Another successful week, Mighty Fawcett – well done! A huge congratulations goes out to each member of the Fawcett team completing another week with a total of 627 Above and Beyond Points among us. A special mention to Kalina in Year 7 who achieved an impressive 18 ABPs.

This week in tutor time we had an assembly on mindfulness. Students learned about the benefits, how it affects your brain and ways in which we can implement it into our daily lives. Mr Firth and Mrs Parkinson are challenging all Fawcett students next week to try to include one mindfulness activity a day – our aim is to have us all become more mindful of our stress levels and find successful ways to feel more at ease. Don’t forget that Mrs Gibson is hosting a Mindfulness group during Tuesday lunchtimes in A17 – it is a great space to share ideas.


Robinson House

What a fantastic week for Robinson! We have the highest attendance of all Houses which is an impressive feat. Our Year 10s are all the safer after having their vaccinations. And uniform is now close to perfect. Robinson 8.1 (Year 8) have continued their impressive performance with the most ABPs a second week in a row. And congratulations to Rob 7.1 (Year 7) for the lowest number of negative behaviour points (zero) and highest attendance (100%). Key Stage 3 are showing the older students what for!

PSHE is going well in Robinson form groups, concentrating on wellbeing at home and in school post-lockdown and how to look after ourselves both mentally and physically. Remember, if you have any issues or just need a chat, your form tutors, Heads of House Mrs Chibbaro and Miss Martinelli, as well as Assistant Head of House Mr Kingsley-Mills, are all available to support you. Come and pay us a visit!



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