Welcome Letter from the Head

Dear Parents and Students,

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone at the start of the new academic year. A great deal has happened in school over the holidays: GCSE results; a Y6 summer school; a new chef starting; Ipad sessions for parents and extensive redecoration. We feel ready for a smooth start!

We are delighted for our Y11 students as their hard work has resulted in Chesterton’s best ever results which means excellent opportunities for all their futures. Just a few highlights are that: 84% of our students gained an A*- C pass in English; 78% in Maths and a record 42% of all GCSE grades awarded were at A or A*. I would like to thank students, teachers and parents for all the hard work, effort and support that has contributed to these results.

At the start of the year students will receive two timetables: a personal one with subjects on and the other, to be kept at home, with their teaching groups. Students will bring the one with groups home, so parents can use this for the parents’ evening on-line booking system; Edmodo and the Chesterton Reporting System. In Years 7-9 you will notice that we have renamed groups, so rather than students being in groups 1,2,3 etc you will notice that group names are now: A*/A; A*/B; A/C and C.

Much consideration went into what we would name the groups: we wanted to reflect potential and we wanted to develop a link with GCSE outcomes. We decided to use potential GCSE grades as a way of naming the groups, so that students who would formerly have been in Set 3 for example, could now see that our aspiration for them was to leave us having made four levels progress and gaining a high quality GCSE pass.

A great deal of decorating has happened in the school over the summer, with the Farnsworth Hall being redecorated and also a new learning space, The Apex, being created for students. The Apex is a space designed for creative teaching. We have been using the space during our two training days this week and we are really excited about its potential. As usual I will write in my weekly blog about what is happening in school related to learning and teaching, so you will hear more about how we plan to use this space, and when you visit school you will be able to see some of the transformed spaces.

There will be a number of parent information evenings in the coming term that will provide advice and guidance about how you can best support your child. We will also look at the new Chesterton Reporting System and the thinking behind our new group names.

The dates are as follows for Parent Information Evenings in the Farnsworth Hall:

Year 8 Parent Information Evening – September 11th 6pm.

Year 9 Parent Information Evening – September 11th 7pm.

Year 7 Parent Information Evening – September 18th 7.30pm.

Year 10 Parent Information Evening – September 25th 6pm.

Year 11 Revision Evening – November 4th 6pm.



Other significant dates are as follows:

As usual we will also be holding Parent Forums during the term and these will be held in the library on the following dates:

October 8th 5.00pm – 6.00pm.

November 11th 5.00pm – 6.00pm.

Parents’ Evenings will be held on the following dates and you will receive a reminder about online booking for these:

Y7 Tutor Evening – November 6th 6.00pm

Y8 Parents’ Evening – November 27th 4.15pm – 7.30pm

Y9 Parents’ Evening – December 4th 4.15pm – 7.30pm.


The PTA AGM will be held in the library on September 16th at 7.30pm.


We look forward to welcoming you to these events.


Kind Regards



Lucy Scott





Chesterton Community College
Gilbert Road

01223 712150

Mrs Lucy Scott